Membership Information

Information is available at the National Society Sons of the American Revolution website describing membership requirements and how to join SAR. Please visit and click "Meet SAR" and "Become A Member."

For more information, please contact these individuals for each Chapter:

          Ardmore -

          Bartlesville -

          Norman -

          Oklahoma City -

          Tulsa -

Click the approriate link for the total cost of a membership dues and fees for each Chapter of NSSAR which is inclusive of National, State, and Local charges:

             Ardmore Chapter Fees & Dues

             Bartlesville Chapter Fees & Dues

             Norman Chapter Fees & Dues

             Oklahoma City Chapter Fees & Dues

             Tulsa Chapter Fees & Dues

Click on the following links for submitting an online SAR Membership Application or to obtain record copies from SAR and DAR.

  Complete and Submit Your SAR Application:

  SAR Record Copy Request Form-2015:

  DAR Record Copy Information:

Every year at the National Congress our National Society awards the DAR/SAR award to the DAR state society that recruits the most members for SAR. This is a $500 award to the DAR state society. Select the DAR Finder Form to get a pdf of the form.

  DAR Finder Form

Oklahoma Society of the Sons of the American Revolution