Oklahoma Society History

The Oklahoma Society Sons of the American Revolution was organized February 22, 1905, according to the national Society's Handbook. It received its official charter during May, 1905. We have been unable to find minutes or other official records of the organization meeting or other preliminaries leading up to it. Readers are reminded that when this meeting took place early in 1905, present day Oklahoma was still Indian Territory, and its headquarters was at Guthrie. The United States Congress passed the Enabling Act in 1906 and Oklahoma was admitted to the Union, as the 46th State, in November 1907, nearly three years after the organizational meeting. Theodore Roosevelt was president. Much of eastern Oklahoma land had recently been allotted to the Indians occupying it, and much of the other lands in that area were 'restricted'. Most of western Oklahoma lands had been opened to white settlers during the 1890 decade. Between 1890 and 1905 many thousands of settlers and home seekers poured into both eastern and western Oklahoma, many towns were platted, growth was rapid, but there was some confusion.

By 1905, law and order was pretty well established, churches had been organized, and several of the new towns had become small cities. Among the thousands coming into Oklahoma during this time were several (but less than a dozen) members of the Sons of the American Revolution. It is likely (we think) that the National Society SAR corresponded with most of them, urging them to form an Oklahoma (STATE) Society. It is also likely several of those members were thinking in similar vein, and sought advice from the National Society. Evidently Henry H. Edwards took the lead in contacting his Oklahoma Compatriots, and that three to five of them responded favorably. One of them, Arthur H. Price, must have offered to help by securing supplies, application blanks, etc. from National.

Encouraged by the favorable responses, we believe that Edwards or Edwards and Price, invited all Oklahoma Compatriots to bring interested friends and attend an organization meeting to be held February 22, 1905, probably in the home town of Edwards, maybe in his home. We don't know who or how many attended. Probably 3 to 5 Compatriots, possibly with 6 to 10 interested friends, maybe as many as 17 in all. We are inclined to believe that then and there a plan of organization was adopted, and that all those eligible; and interested signed the Charter Application. Arthur Hamblin Price was authorized to serve as interim Registrar and all interested were asked to sign and file with him Applications for Membership which he would clear through the National Society. We know for sure that during the year 1905, five of those having SAR memberships in other states transferred and fourteen new applicants for membership were admitted to membership in the Oklahoma Society, nineteen in all. The first seventeen were considered (and often are referred to) as 'Charter Members'.

Past and Present Oklahoma Society Chapters

Location / Descriptive Data
Ardmore Ardmore, Lawton, Durant area. 2009 Active
Bartlesville 1960 Active
Choctaw Antlers, Durant, & McAlester. 1974 1975
Claremore and Claremore-Pryor Renamed Nathaniel Pryor in 1981. 1961 1981
Five Tribes Tahlequah, Muskogee. Absorbed by Tulsa. 1976 1981
Great Plains Altus, Duncan, Lawton. 1972 1979
Jet Largely decendants of Jonathan Harned. 1958 1964
Kingfisher Absorbed by Oklahoma City about 1979. 1971 1979
Michael Gold Far NE Oklahoma. Miami, Vinita area. 1976 1979
Montfort Stokes Gradually changed to Muskogee. 1928/1929 1948
Muskogee Often inactive. Eventually merged with Tulsa. 1935 1974
Nathaniel Pryor Formerly Claremore-Pryor 1981 Closed
Norman 1985 Active
Oklahoma City Formed when the Oklahoma Society split into two chapters, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 1924 Active
Oklahoma Society Operated without chapters. 1905 1924
Ponca City Absorbed by Oklahoma City 1970 2004
Shawnee Never very large or active. 1954 1964
Stillwater 1964 1975
Tulsa Operated informally 1916-1923. Formally created when the Oklahoma Society split into two chapters, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 1924 Active

Source: "The Oklahoma Society Sons of the American Revolution 1987 Historical Roster"

Oklahoma Society of the Sons of the American Revolution